Friday, June 20, 2014

My Creative Process, Or Lack Thereof

Joining Victoria at Victoria's Ramblings for her very first link-up party! Head on over to take part in this spectacular event!

Victoria asked about the creative process of writing, specifically writing blog posts, so here we go.

Part of me wants to say that I plan out all my posts, or at least that I want to plan out all my posts, but it's simply not the truth. Because of various link-ups and habits of posting, I know generally what I'm going to post on Tuesdays {NAS}, Wednesdays {Finish This}, and Fridays {7QT + Funny Friday}, but those are all link-ups/themed; they don't feel as natural as other posts.

For most posts, I'll be thinking about something that happened or a particular subject, and I'll think I should write a blog post about it. So the next time I can, I blog about it. Usually it's the same day I'm thinking about it, because I do forget my own thoughts. Anybody else do that? Anybody??

There are some topics I write about just to get out of my head, but I won't click publish. Sometimes there's polishing to be done; sometimes it's too private to share; sometimes I need to distance myself from whatever I wrote about. Some posts are going to stay in drafts forever, and that's ok. This blog {and writing} are for my process with life, and not everybody needs to know about everything.

One of the things I struggle with when deciding whether or not to hit the big scary PUBLISH button is comparison. I know, shocking that this struggle in life has seeped into blogging. But it's a really tangible battle when I write, especially when responding to a prompt, because the temptation to read others' answers before, or worse, after writing my own response is strong.

But I've decided that I have my own voice and my own thoughts, and people read this blog for this voice and these thoughts, and if they don't like it, they can go hack up a hairball find another blog to read instead.

Well, that really isn't about how I write blog posts, but it is about my process, so there ya go. Thanks for starting the conversation, Victoria!


  1. Go hack up a hairball!? ROFL Love love love! Thank you so much for sharing, Beks. And I completely feel the temptation to compare myself. Not only is it a sin, it's awful for the work. I find that I write so much better when I put blinders on and just do MY best. Not anyone else's best. My best.

  2. I second Victoria's comment. I have a BIG struggle with jealousy and comparison, but like Victoria and you, when I let my voice out and "put blinders on" things turn out much better. I love your blog. :-)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling this temptation, and it's also nice to know that you like my voice :) I'm grateful for you both!!!

  4. Own your voice, girl! I look at other people's blogs wistfully dreaming of a beautiful place where I type up inspiring posts with a cup of coffee sharing my life and encouraging others. And then I realize . . . ain't nobody got time foh dat. You already know this, but people come here to read your work, not be impressed with a design or grammar :-) And oh my gosh, I totally forget things too! So often I start thinking of good lines to start posts and then BAM. Gone. We own this blogging thing :-)