Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finish This: Week Twenty-four

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I could spend all day in my pajamas, taking turns reading and talking with friends. If you've seen me in my pajamas, you've probably come over to my house after work, because basically as soon as I get home, I'm in my pjs. And in case you wondered what I'm reading these days, check out the stack of books that I'm working my way through :)

My primary and most essential goal in life right now is to finish the aforementioned stack of books before they're due back at the library! Also to discern God's will for me... got some ideas and changes and dreams rolling around in my head, and I want to be sure it's God before I act.

You might be surprised to learn that I would pierce my nose in a heartbeat, if it would be appropriate for work. And now that I'm journeying towards a more independent career, I'm thinking that another piercing is in my future... :)

My favorite place in the world is wherever loved ones are. When I'm with my family, that's my favorite. When I'm in Kentucky hanging with the coolest people ever, that's my favorite. When Samara and I are sitting on the floor of the hallway at 11:45pm talking about life and church and redemption, that's my favorite. When I'm at Notion Club listening to the brilliant words of incredible friends, that's my favorite.

I wish I had known sooner that I don't have to be like anybody else. SO many bad habits of comparison could have been broken sooner had I known {or accepted} that no one else can be me.

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  1. Kentucky people are the coolest people, for sure!!!!!