Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh Yeah, Real Life

It occurred to me last week that it's been a while since I've done a non-link-up post. This thought entered my brain, and the thought to follow was "I should use that as one of my 7QT." Sigh. *shakes head*

So life lately? Busy. Awesome. Full. Friends. Adulting. Books. Thoughts. Family. Plans. Allergies {ugh!}.

On Saturday, I finished Jesus Feminist. Wow. That book. So many people read it and said "this wasn't what I was expecting" and so I stopped expecting whatever I was expecting. And still, my expectations were blown out of the water. It is so different and refreshing and Jesus-focused and kind... I read it in just a few days like holding my breath and powering from one end of a pool to the other, and now I want to go back and re-read it slowly in order to, as "Bright Star" credits Keats with saying so beautifully, "luxuriate in the sensation of water." After a second {or third or fourth} reading, I will post a review.

One crochet project is finished! For Christmas, I jokingly told my friend Rosemary that I would make her a scarf "for Valentine's Day." Make that St. Patrick's Day. Oh wait, make that the first day of Spring. Crap, make that April Fool's Day. Whatever. The moral of the story is, I finished her scarf! The yarn was a bi...I mean beast to work with. Ugh. But it's finally done - hooray!

wrong color but same texture of awfulness

Samara told me that she was planning a Spring Cleaning session this {previous} weekend, and I got inspired and decided to join her separately. Unfortunately, Samara got sick this weekend, so she focused instead on getting better. I felt bad for her and sprayed Lysol and went through old documents and did laundry. No actual cleaning took place; my house desperately needs vacuumed.
Do you have any Spring Cleaning "rituals" or big tasks you save for spring? Samara's sister Melissa is writing a series on this {with a giveaway coming up!}, and I'm really looking forward to her posts.

Friday, I promised the Notions crew that I would make cookies, but when I got home later than planned, I realized that our fridge lacked eggs. {Please note the passive voice that blames the fridge, not the two residents who remove and consume items from the fridge.} Thankfully, my sister was allergic to eggs for a while and so I knew that applesauce works as a substitute for eggs {I'm thankful that I knew this, not that my sister had allergies, for the record.}.
The whole time I was mixing the batter, I was worried that the applesauce was bad {it wasn't} or that the cookies would taste awful {they didn't} or that everything would smell like baby food forever {of course it didn't}. Everything turned out just fine, and even with only 4 people eating cookies, there were just a handful left at the end of the night, and our hosts graciously agreed to keep them.

Have you heard John Legend's song "All of Me"? Oh my goodness, this song!!! Enjoy.

My friend Rebecca and I watched more than half of Season Two of "The Office" yesterday. Prior to yesterday, the only episodes I'd seen were in my Human Resource Management class {as bad examples, obviously}, so it's been fun to get the whole Jim-Pam relationship arc in order. Kinda feeling like this about the whole thing {I'm caught up to Christmas}:

My dear friend Victoria asked me to guest post on her blog, and here is her announcement! I'm pretty excited, and I'm also thrilled that my roomie is another guest. Good manners and common sense tell me that I should invite Victoria to guest post here - keep your eyes open for that!

Well, blogging compadres, that's life. The other parts of life are too boring to blog about {like tutoring algebra or changing the water filter} or deserve their own posts {like a response to Jesus Feminist}.
Thanks for catching up on life. Tune in tomorrow for another link-up with the Not Alone Series.


  1. Um, my heathen self ❤️'s the office. Might have to skip a few episodes here and there and perhaps all of Season 8. Will Ferrell was terrible on that show. But season 9 pretty much redeemed that. I love Jim and Pam. I love watching their relationship... Most of the time. And I understand your feelings about them. But at the end of it all, I loved it (minus the raunchy stuff).

  2. I can't wait to hear more about the book! And the yarn looks like a pain....good for substituting eggs :-) It's totally annoying running out of things, but fun to experiment! This was fun to hear about more everyday things.