Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Books, Sick Days, and Brits

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes!

1. Two days ago, I used a gift card and downloaded Infinite Jest on my Nook. Gulp. This book is really long and really heavy and really intense and really thick....and I'm trying to read this 1,000 page novel and the 994-page Team of Rivals this reach my goal of 40 books in 2014. Bring it on.

2. Yesterday I stayed home sick. Wednesday, I'd had a sore throat and gone home early. Thursday morning, I woke up and decided to go back to sleep for an hour to see how I felt. I woke up again at 7:30 and after conferring with my mom, decided to stay home and not contaminate anyone else in the office. So I went back to sleep until eleven. Twas lovely, and it's amazing what sleep will do. And then I moved my pile of pillows and blankets onto the couch and watched "Once Upon A Time" until Samara came home. Ah, a day of rest!

3. I'm feeling a bit better today... not 100%, but enough to come into work and hopefully go to Notions tonight. I told my dad that all I did yesterday was catch up on a tv show and paint my nails, because I have my priorities in order.

4. Ashley just shared this gem: British men reading poetry and prose. Swoon! Yes, please, thank you, here's to you, thank you, kind regards.

5. Here, look at some of the faces that go with the voices:

6. Speaking of Tom Hiddleston, after seeing Coriolanus a couple weeks ago, Samara has begun treating Cami and me to "The Daily Hiddleston" emails. We didn't know too much about Tom, so Samara is getting us up to speed via pictures, articles, and video clips. Be jealous.

7. Ok, between being still slightly sick and listening to these lovely British voices read to me, I'm coming up blank for my last take. But hey, it's Friday and I don't care! Happy weekend, peeps. 

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