Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Life is Hard

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for 7QT!

 This article by Sarah Bessey {who is definitely becoming one of my favorite writers ever!} is really wonderful. I think I'm going to join her challenge on Pinterest {not like I need another excuse to be on there...}. What do you think?

2. Speaking of Sarah Bessey, for her birthday this week, her book Jesus Feminist was on sale for $1.99! You better believe I snatched that sucker up - I even shared the love with Samara, who also downloaded it. When we both got home for dinner, I confessed that I was a couple chapters into it already, and she laughed and said she was at the same spot. Oh, reading nerds :)

3. It's the Land o' Links! Rachel Held Evans' response to an article about women teaching; a great piece about being a good Samaritan; and the Church regarding our obsession with pastors.

4. It's World Down Syndrome Day! Read Laura's beautiful post about her brother, and go show some love to people.

5. A group of friends and I went to see "The Grand Budapest Hotel" last weekend. My friends had all purchased their tickets online, so they got in the "print your ticket" line. I hadn't purchased a ticket yet, so I got in the regular line. And I got carded. Yep. That's about how I felt, too. Are you kidding me? That's never happened to me at a movie theater. Purchasing alcohol? I expect it to happen, since businesses can get shut down if they sell alcohol to minors. But to an R-rated movie?? I was stunned. Because this blog can be found by anyone and everyone, I won't tell you the comments that ran through my brain as I pulled out my i.d., but they were definitely snarky, to say the least.

6. Thanks to swapping blogs with Yvonne {her post on my blog; my post on her blog} earlier this week, I learned that I can share a gif just like sharing a picture. But now that I'm trying to share my own, all knowledge has left me. Help, talented people of the internet!

7. What I don't know is the correct way to say "gif." I hear it most often with a J sound, but then I've heard tech-y people get mad and say that the only "j-if" is a peanut butter. But saying it with a hard G sounds awful. Sigh.

Happy weekend!


  1. I might have to make that Pinterest board as well. :-)

  2. I had to click through when I saw Chuckie Finster. Words of truth.

    I think you will enjoy this gif re: #7.


    And this one:

  3. Hahaahaha, when I saw this on Bloglovin' I thought some terrible thing had happened, but I'm happy to see that's not what this is about! :-) I have the same problem with GIFS!!!! I always thought they were super cool and thought it would be nice to use them, but then I found out I could! Mind. Blown. And I love the idea about Pinterest boards! I have a couple different ones having to do with lady things and will love to follow along :-)