Monday, December 2, 2013

Doctor Who {Fangirl Post}

Wow. Sorry for dropping off the planet there for a while. Life just got crazy, ya know? So here is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebrations' Post. Let the fangirling commence.

Sunday night: Samara and I joined Ashley and Kayla. Here are the four of us in our costumes...Here is our little is the super yummy food Ash and Kay made. Such fun.

On Monday night, Samara and I went to the theater to watch the 50th Anniversary in costume with hundreds of other fans. I dressed up as Rose Tyler from "The Idiot's Lantern" {Season 2, Episode 7} - here is my inspiration...

...and here is the finished product! It was actually fun to have dinner at Johnny Rocket's and sit in the 50's theme :)

Samara dressed up as the 11th Doctor; here we are together geeking out before the show.

And then a friend of Samara's met us after the show...people, he has Ten's suit!!!! 

And we made friends with a little boy dressed as Ten and his mom dressed as Amy. Here is Rose with her two Tens.

All in all, it was wonderful. I love costumes and Doctor Who and cute kids, and this evening had all three! The opening sequence for the theater version was quite awesome: it featured various characters telling movie-goers to not disturb others and talking about how painful it is for the popcorn to be eaten and warning us about the hazards of 3-D glasses. Twas wonderful.

I'm really glad I watched the 50th the way that I did: solo {Saturday}, with a few friends at home {Sunday}, and then in the theaters {Monday}. I loved not missing things because the crowd responded over some lines; I loved watching it with just friends to really freak out and not worry about disturbing others; I loved watching it live with literally millions of other fans all over the world. It's Doctor Who - what's not to love?!

Alright, end fangirling...for now ;)

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