Monday, December 16, 2013

Dropping Off the Face of the Blogging World: A Tutorial

Do you blog faithfully? Are you ready to shake things up a bit? Keep reading for a how-to guide of dropping off the face of the blogging world!

Step One: go back to your parents' house for a few days without your blogging device. This also helps if you go home while your sisters are working on finals and therefore cannot lend you their technological devices.

Step Two: take a week-long class and leave the house every day at approximately 5:15 AM every day.

Step Three: sit in aforementioned class with five gentlemen and listen to them talk about cars...ALL...DAY. That way, when you finally get home, your brain has completely stopped functioning in complete sentences.

Pretty simple, right? Go forth - I have faith in you!

Yes, this is a facetious apology for my big fat fail last week. The whole thing took me by surprise, and I was so exhausted I didn't even think of blogging until Thursday. So yeah. But it's a new week and it's almost Christmas and the temperature is above 30* and so let the heavens rejoice!


  1. Tutorial a la Dahlia:

    Step one: Just forget about your blog, but remember every couple of months or so to check back.

    I just remembered to check and found your post funny :)

    1. Hahahaha! Dahlia, that is funny!
      So did you write your own post!? :)