Friday, November 15, 2013

Feeling Accomplished Friday

Samara will testify that today did not start out feeling accomplished. Last night we had some fan and light challenges, and I woke up this morning mad at the world in general and Samara's bathroom in particular. But Samara gave me some encouragement and perspective {thank you, dear friend} and I left the office at 2pm determined to cross at least a few things off my to-do list and feel like a conqueror. So here's what I did in just a few hours:

  • bought and replaced florescent light bulbs
  • washed dishes and ran the dishwasher
  • made laundry detergent! I followed this recipe and am excited to try it.
  • vacuumed the living room {where I made the laundry detergent...don't judge}
  • listened to this song about 1 million love love!
  • am writing this blog post - totes counts
  • am about to start working on a blog post as a contractor - yes, I sometimes get paid to blog, but my identity must remain a secret!
Tonight I'm heading to Notions, a writing group that Samara is a part of and that her lovely {albeit insane} compadres invited me to....kinda to replace her since she's outtie this weekend, but I also like to think that my charming personality alone warranted an invitation... I guess we'll see if I get invited back- the true judge. 

Well, that's all folks. Here, enjoy some humor just so Funny Friday doesn't feel completely left out in the cold. 

Happy Friday, homies!

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