Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just Going to “Go There”

Friends, I’ve been struggling recently with how I can use the gifts and talents God has graciously given to me for His glory {nice alliteration…}. Which basically means I want to write about some things that you may already know about and agree with me on, but I need to get them out of my head and practice writing them.

I asked God last night, “What can I do with this gift of writing?” And He responded, “Be a good steward of it.” So I think that means that I need to use this little piece of the ‘net to practice some things. Like my passion for the unborn. I’m thinking that most if not all of you regular readers are pro-life, and most likely you guests are, too. So what? Let’s not grow familiar with this message; there are still babies being killed even while we don’t want them to be. So this blog may have some soap box posts in the future- don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, to move away from the soap box, let’s look at something that’s totally amazing. First of all, I’m a huge fan of Kristen Hatten and her writings. She is so blunt and real and non-religious. Love it. Secondly, here is her post from a few days ago about this amazing organization called Save the Storks. Basically they have a van with a sonogram machine inside, and women on their way to an abortion clinic are offered a free sonogram.

What struck me was the order in which they do things. Kristen writes that a lot of people outside abortion clinics start in way that these women don’t trust…they offer help only after offering information. Save the Storks offers help and then offers information. Free service? Check. Information? Check. Resources to help with prenatal care and parenting? Check.

This is a fantastic organization, and I am really excited about it. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more from them, and hopefully we can all be a part of it.

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