Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Funny Friday...on Tuesday

There is a method to this madness: I'm going out of town this weekend, so the odds of a Funny Friday post on Friday are basically nonexistent. But at least you get a laugh, and who doesn't need a laugh on Tuesday?!

So I'm heading to my Other Home tomorrow, partially to work and partially to play. It's going to be a fast, crazy trip.

My bosom friend AJ puts on the VBS skit each year, and this year the group needs medieval costumes. Coincidentally, my family has approximately half a million medieval costumes...ok, more like half a dozen, but try and put that bag of half a dozen costumes back into the closet and it turns into half a million. But this is a side note.

The point of this story is that I volunteered these costumes for AJ. She needs a knight, a monk, and a princess costume- check, check, and check.

It makes the most sense for me to pack these costumes and bring them with me on this trip; saves on postage, right? Right. So I'm packing my stuff last night {I know, I'm an eager beaver...ps, are beavers really that eager, or do people just say that because it rhymes? Like awesome possum? I've never met a possum that was truly awesome...but I guess they are awesome at playing dead...I've been on allergy meds for the past 48 hours- can you tell??} and even with my mad packing skills, I was apprehensive about fitting everything into my carry-on suitcase.

Suddenly, I had a BRILLIANT idea: I should wear the monk costume on the plane! So much space would be saved, both from not having this multi-layered brown frock in my suitcase, and from the clothes I wouldn't have to wear on the plane. I know. I'm a genius.

The best part of this story is telling AJ my plan.

I text her: great idea! I'm going to wear the monk's costume on the plane!
She texts back: You're going to get arrested.

Now, we are not discriminating against monks. Not at all. And I don't think TSA does either. In fact, I shared a plane with two Hindu {I think} monks on my way home from Texas. {This sparked another conversation with AJ about these monks' lunch boxes, which will be saved for another time.}

What might be odd or arrest-worthy is the fact that there are no girl monks...those are called nuns in the Catholic religion, and I don't know what they are in other faiths.

Oh. My. Word. I have a nun costume. And if I wore it, I would be a flying nun. Shut the front door.


Too bad AJ doesn't need a nun costume. Guess I'll just stick everything in my suitcase and wear normal, non-monk or -nun clothing. Darn.

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