Friday, May 24, 2013

Funny Friday-Kentucky Children Edition

Now that my love for Kentucky is public knowledge {as in, written down. I don't think you can talk to me and not know that I love Kentucky}, I thought it only appropriate that today's Funny Friday showcase some of my favorite Blue Grass kids. So here goes.

Hello, my name is:
Last year, when AJ's daughter was 2, my name was "Bubekah" as opposed to "Rebekah." Now that this daughter is 3, I have graduated to "Ferbekah." Thanks, I'll be here all week.

Stop being cute!
AJ has twin nieces who are almost 3. They were playing outside and I was watching them, and I told them "D! L! Stop being so cute! Just stop it!" And they giggled and shrieked and said "No, you stop!"
Later I said, "D, you're being cute again!" and she responded "No, I'm not!"
Seriously, they just got cuter.

When you text your sister...
AJ's son A is pretty brilliant, and he is always coming up with future dialogues between me and my sister; he wants to make sure that I share these important phrases. Here's his most recent suggestion {quoted to the best of my memory}:
"When your sister texts you and when you're in Ohio {don't know when I'll be in Ohio, but just in case}, and your sister says 'let's go to the movies,' you should text her back and say 'okie dokie artichoke!'"

I'm sure there are more funny things that these adorable kids said, but I can't remember any more right now, so you'll just have to enjoy these stories. Happy Friday!

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