Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Alright friends, we’re gonna get real here.

I’ll be going home 4 weeks from yesterday. May I just point out that this is the going home to stay home for the first time in three years trip. Heck. Yes. But this is an aside. The point is that I’m going home.
The other point is that Grams’ favorite hobby is shopping. And related to this point is that I too have gone shopping {quality time-don’t be hatin’!} while living in the Frozen Tundra {ok, and there’s not a whole lot else to do. I said we were getting real.}.

These points lead to the point that I was really nervous about all my, ahem, stuff fitting into suitcases. P.S. I’m flying Southwest because a) they’re usually cheap and b) along with that cheap price, they let you check two bags included in the price of the ticket!!! Score for this gal moving across the country!

So even with these two suitcases, I was nervous. So what did my little OCD-self do? Yep. Packed tonight.
Not everything; just my clothes and half my shoes. I wanted to see how much space it all took, because I had a guess, but I wasn't sure. I’m a good packer, but didn't expect to be that good.

ALL my clothes fit into one of my checked bags, and half of my shoes {as in, 3 pairs of boots and 4 pairs of dress shoes} and my socks and undershirts fit into my carry-on suitcase. Bam. Victory.

There are probably those of you wondering why would she pack up all her clothes a month in advance? Why was she even thinking about packing?? Some of you are probably thinking she needs meds for this level of OCD. And still others of you are thinking Geez! How many pairs of shoes does this chick have!?!?

Well, dear readers, fear not: I shall answer your wonderings. I unpacked after I packed. {This may raise more questions, but let’s review how many times the term “OCD” has been used already in this post and just let it be.} As for the meds wondering, I do take meds…actually vitamins, not actual meds. And for you shoe haters or lusters out there, I will say that a) 2 pairs of boots are snow boots-one can never be too prepared in the Frozen Tundra! and b) yes I like shoes. I have feet. Duh.

So there. You are now a part of my victory. Congratulations.

And for those of you completely bored by this post, here is a picture that cracks my sister J and me up every time. Yay, “Big Bang Theory”! You’re welcome.


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