Friday, February 22, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Well friends, I did it. I bought my ticket to Nicaragua! It was such a blessing from God, because 1) it is a direct flight from my home to the place where I’m joining the team and 2) it was $50 less than what I had prayed for and hoped to pay! Praise Jesus!!!

In other news, I’ve been on a crochet kick. Grammie took me over to her friend Ria’s  house, and boy can Ria crochet! She whipped out a beautiful scarf for Grammie in only a couple hours, and she taught me the pattern! It’s quite simple, and the effect is gorgeous. I took a picture of my attempt- aren’t you proud!?


The pattern is as follows:
Chain 140 {she said 140, but you can make it however long you want} and then 3 more
Row 1: The three become your first stitch when you turn; double crochet all the way back Turn and chain 3
Row 2: stitch 2 double crochets in each stitch {so that’s 280 for you math nerds}
Repeat Row 2 until your desired width. Ria made Grammie’s 4 rows wide, but adjust according to your stitch height and preferences.

Also in the craftiness department, I did one of the dreaded “copy and paste this status” things for something called “Be Creative in 2013". The first 5 friends to comment get something made by me, but they also had to post the promise as their status. Which probably is directly related to the fact that only 4 friends commented on my status. Chickens.


I decided that this new scarf would go to one gal and that I should make something else for another. So I started it today. I’m making {or rather, attempting} this little beauty for E. And I really must be on a roll, because I took a picture of it too! It’s still in process, of course, but hey, Bek is taking pictures. Let’s not insult a good thing.


It doesn’t look like my goal yet because a) it’s not done. obviously! and b) it’s hard to imagine that being fitted nicely on someone’s head, but believe me, it will be. My friend gave me her head measurements {yeah, that wasn’t an awkward text at ALL!} and I should be done tomorrow. Hopefully this streak of awesomeness will continue and I’ll remember to take a picture of the finished product. And if I don’t remember, then I’ll make E take a picture modeling it and will post that. So there.

Well, it’s past this girl’s bedtime. Peace out, y’all!

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