Saturday, February 16, 2013

Musings and Amusings

First, here’s the belated Funny Friday tale.

Earlier this week, my friend and co-worker Laurie and I were having a grand old time at work. You know, things were getting done, we could pause and laugh at silly things we were encountering, and the sun was shining. It was a good Monday.

Now, you should know some things about our office. We are in Suite B; the suite directly across from us is Suite D. Suite D has a couch that L and I envy…the couch itself is nothing special, but Suite D has a couch and we do not, and so we joke about going over and making friends with Suite D so we can sit on his couch. {We refer to the gentlemen who work in Suite D as “Suite D” because it sounds like “sweetie” when you say it fast.}

Past our office is Suite A, and the couple of older men we've encountered there have been a little on the creepy side, so we often lock our office door just so no one can come in and be friendly/creepy. {We are perfectly safe, Mom!}

There is a Suite C, and the ladies in there are pretty nice, but we never run into them, so they aren't a part of our daily conversations.

So, getting back to this particular Monday, L and I are having a great time, and we had locked the door because 1) we were preventing Suite A visitors and 2) I believe that we had gone for a walk around the building. We took our lunch and watched Lizzie Bennett Diaries {if you have been living under a stupid rock and don’t know about LBD, you get your fanny on YouTube right now and start watching!} So we watched the video and ate our lunch and chatted, and then we needed to fill our Wat Bots and carry on with work.

So we went out into the hallway and filled our Wat Bots, and then I realized that the door to our office was still locked. And the keys were inside. And our cell phones were inside. We were locked in the hallway.

not really.

Suite D was not there, so we went to Suite C and asked the nice lady there if we could make a phone call since we were locked out. Thankfully, we got a hold of our building’s owner and he came over shortly and let us in, so no harm done. It was amusing, and we laughed over it. We were able to get in without having to tell our boss, so we were sheepishly grateful for that.

For the rest of the day, one of us would go to the restroom & tell the other “The door is unlocked and I’m going to be right back!” Ha ha ha! Sometimes we are blonde.
Oh well.

Sometimes I wonder about all the different directions I feel pulled in, and I wonder how all these things will be accomplished, or if they will ever be fulfilled. I wonder about plans and hopes and dreams, and I wonder how they line up with Father’s.

I wonder if my life is truly radical, if I can even be radical. I question whether or not I can make a difference, whether or not my life will count for some cause greater than myself, and then I wonder what causes count, and how on earth things get done when we have “real life” to live. I know it’s a matter of priorities, but then there are also seasons of life, and I believe that I've got plenty of seasons left, but at the same time I don’t want to waste any season.

I look at young women serving in Washington DC at Bound4Life and they pray and intercede and write all day and night. I look at the people running Seattle Against Slavery and International Justice Mission and Not For Sale and Love146, and I wonder, can I do that? I look at CareNet and think that although I’m going to be volunteering there when I go home, it can’t be enough. There has to be more. Look at Katie Davis and read her book. Look at The Genesis Project and see what they’re doing.

Life has to be more than Facebook and a job that pays the bills and decorating your house and texting friends. Life has to be more than Lizzie Bennett Diaries and actors’ award and waiting for the next season of Sherlock.

I guess the questions I’m asking are questions about purpose. What’s the purpose of having a job? To earn an income. Why do we need that? So that we can advance the Kingdom of God!!! But how, if we’re working 40+ hours a week! I’m sorry, but we have to sleep sometime. So if we have 168 hours a week and we’re sleeping for an ideal 49 and working {+ commuting} for 42 of them, what do we do with the rest of our time? How do I make a difference in the world when life consists of working and watching movies with my grandma?

Part of why I’m asking these questions right now is because I’m going home in less than 6 weeks and I’m feeling antsy to start doing something. There’s not a whole lot to do out here in the Frozen Tundra, although I have gotten ahead on my reading. :) But my friends and my parents and I are making plans for when I get back, and it feels like I have nothing to do until then. slightly frustrating. but this is the season I’m in, and God is so faithful to encourage me and to teach me to appreciate this precious time with my maternal grandparents. So I wait and read and go shopping with Grams and blog out angst and read some more.

Something that always encourages me is this book by Ann Voskamp. Check out her blog about grace and learn with me.
thanks for listening reading.


  1. Beks! Love this post!
    For many reasons - I laughed at Wat Bot :) and of course, am so with you on LBD... And it was fun imagining your office shenanigans :)
    But I also felt really encouraged ... I too have that same desire to live every season with purpose! And to not just go to school or work because it's the norm, but to have a bigger picture. Sometimes, it can get frustrating when it feels like I just keep doing the same thing or a menial thing...but yet, I know I am where I am supposed to be. Anyways, your post tonight was SO encouraging. Thanks Bek! Love you :)

    1. Ash! Glad you enjoyed it! :) I wrote a post a while ago called "A Girl and Her Wat Bot" that tells of adventures with my Wat Bot... should give you some laughs :)
      Thank YOU for the encouragement! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I like what you said about having a bigger picture in mind also. Miss Phyllis is who I think of in these seasons, because how could she know when she was my age all the things she would do by now? Only God knows our full and complete paths, so we learn to trust :) Love you!

    2. Grm Phyllis is the perfect example! Yes - TRUST. :)