Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Isn't "tidbits" a great word? I feel like I'm sharing something savory with you.

Sometimes my brain won't let go of thoughts until I spit them out onto the bloggy world...that does not sound very savory, though. Let's rephrase. Sometimes my brain wants me to share the glorious thoughts with the world. Isn't that nice of my brain?

Here are these glorious thoughts of late:
  • I don't believe there is actually a polite way to eat spaghetti. It is just too messy.
  • Sherlock has been posting pictures on Facebook...they're rebuilding the set! Cannot wait for Season 3!!!
  • oh yeah. this maybe should have gone first. I'M GOING TO NICARAGUA IN JULY!!!!!! Craziness! I'm going with my Other Home church family, and we're going to be working with this family who moved there earlier this year. They are my dear friends and I'm excited to see them again!
  • Kisses From Katie finally came in from the library this weekend. And then I borrowed a book from my friend. And I'm still not finished with Peter Pan. I feel torn- which book!?!??!
  • I got an email from Compassion International. Last month I started sponsoring a little boy! The email said that just recently “We had the joy of personally telling him that “someone has chosen to become your sponsor.” That’s when {this little boy} learned your name and that you believe he is very special." Isn’t that awesome???!! This gets me especially when I remember that this little boy had been waiting over a year for a sponsor, and then I click a button and he’s got one! How humbling.
    P.S. I don’t know what all I can share about this little boy, so I’m erring on the side of nothing. But I will do some research and see if I can share more with you, and believe me, I will if I can!
  • My nails have not been painted for almost three weeks, and I think tonight that needs to change.
  • I’m excited for next week, because it’s almost a friend’s birthday, which means I get to mail her a present. :)
Alright, these are all my tidbits right now. Weren't they savory? Hope you enjoyed.


  1. A friends birthday? How exciting! ;) and I'm kinda totes jealous about you going to Nica. Well- I'm totes excited for you. Just bummed for me. That would've even the icing on the cake, but oh well...... <3

  2. It's fun getting a snapshot of your thoughts.