Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well, let’s be deep for a sec

Last night I had an intense journaling session. There weren't any tears or screams, or big black marks on the page (btw, my journal is GORGEOUS!!!!!) but I just let it all out, and probably wrote for 15-20 minutes straight. I was just kind of sick of myself, honestly, and I had been antsy for several hours. I finally was like, God, what should I do? {I should have asked Him first, of course, but you know me- I like the hard way}

And He was like, chill, Bek! And I realized I had been stressing over ALL the things on my seemingly never-ending to-do list, and so I wrote out my plan for today, and went to bed. I was literally asleep before my sister came to bed, and her movie had like less than 20 minutes left. Wowza.

So I got up this morning and grabbed my Bible and journal and Blood papers and headed to the kitchen. Right as I poured my cereal, the phone rang. Mom had accidentally taken my sister’s car keys. The only keys to her vehicle. So that meant that Sister-Dearest and I had to take a road trip to the office to pick up the keys. Well, so much for the plan! Actually, I was like, God???? And He said, seek Me and you’ll find Me. Listen for Me.

And so I decided that today was going to be a great day, even if we had to leave way earlier than planned and even if we were both late for work (not really a big deal for either of us) and even if Grandpa got stuck in several “loops” today. Today is going to be a great day even when I missed one turn and then took the next too soon. Today is going to be a great day even if I don’t get the other half of my paycheck until the end of this month… thanks, Bek. You have to hit “submit” if you want to get paid. heehee. Anyway, I am on the second-to-last item of the to-do list, and today IS a great day. Sigh of happiness here.

Here’s to great days, readers! :)

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