Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Vacation so far

Ohmygosh that was amazing! I did not think that getting soaked by a 48* river would ever qualify as “fun” but it totally was! The guide had one of my sisters sit in the front of the raft, to weigh it down, and so whenever we went into a really big rapid, the front of the raft would go way down and we would get soaked and the back of the raft would go up and then they would come down and be not so soaked. So fun. So wet.

We got the jet skis for tomorrow! Super excited… I guess I don’t come across as a speed demon usually, but sometimes it just comes out and we’re going 90. Ask my dad where I get it… or you can ask Mom… neither of them know. ;)

Well, we had an amazing pizza for dinner tonight, and now my sisters and I are going to walk it off before we watch a movie. The sun is setting and the temperature is still nice, and the dog is excited. It’s gonna be epic. Toodles.

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