Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh boy George

My friend from school has to keep a daily blog about her work/internship this summer, and I told her that I would keep a daily blog along with her {so we have something to look forward to, and to make her requirement more pleasant}. She also has to take pictures and post them on the blog, and I told her that I would too, to the best of my abilities. My goal is for a picture 3 times a week. So here goes.

I was thinking about how I would organize it {because my middle name is Organization :D } and I thought, what if I had a deep thought, a prayer focus, a funny story, and something random, for each day? And I’ll try to have pictures to go along with one of them… we’ll see about that.

Deep thought: I’m following a pro-life organization, and one of their bloggers is starting a series about practical ways we can not support abortion in our culture. I’m really looking forward to this series, because I really want some better ways to speak out about this issue. I’ll be sharing a link to her blog as it comes out.

Prayer focus: my friends in the military. One is in the Marine Corps in a base on the West Coast; he’ll come home for a bit in August {hopefully I can see him- it will have been a year!} and then heads to Afghanistan in September. My prayers for him will definitely increase as he’s deployed!

My other friendis in boot camp for the Army. He’s down south in the humidity and heat, and I pray for safety, health, protection, and strength.

Funny story: For my job next year, I’ll be a TA. The teacher is a GREAT teacher, but we disagree on the fundamentals…she’s a lesbian… enough said. She’s framing the class around President Obama’s memoir Dreams from my Father. It sounds like a really cool idea, but I figured I should probably read the book. Bleh. So I’ll be reading that, and President George W. Bush’s book Decision Points and Sarah Palin’s America by Heart… I need 2 conservative books to cancel out the 1 liberal. I know, it’s bad. But it made me chuckle to myself, especially as I thought this while nodding my head and saying “Oh, this should be a great class!” Ironic, I know. Hopefully you find this sad-funny, instead of sad-pitiful.

Random: my sister embroidered a pillow for me! It is my belated birthday present she gave me when I got home. It’s really cool- it’s zebra striped and has my initial in pink… the best color combo ever!

Well, I hope that these posts improve… at least the funny part will. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. I look forward to reading your daily comments :)