Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Much for Every Day

Well, that sucked. So much for announcing that I will be blogging every day... too bad that there are some days that I simply don't sit down at a computer! Well. Maybe we'll go with 3 times a week. That might be the safest and most honest way to do this. Sorry, friend-who-wanted-blogging-companionship. Until I get into the groove of work, trading cars, avoiding traffic, and sharing a bathroom, blogging will be relegated to a 3 times a week activity.

Deep thought: I won't become perfect. I think I knew this, but I hadn't been living like it's true. My thoughts had been "I need to mature before I could do X, Y, or Z." That may be true for somethings, but the more truthful item to note is that I will never stop maturing {I hope!}. Life is a process of continual growth; it's not like trees bloom and then quit. They live in their blooms, they lose their leaves, they look dead, and then more blossoms come. It's a cycle. I pray my life is an ever-progressing movement towards Christ-likeness.

Prayer focus: my grandparents. Some of you may remember a post a year or so ago about my grandpa's Alzheimer's. Well, I go and play cards with him three times a week so that my grandma can get a break. There's more stuff going on, but right now my prayers are with both of them so that they can find peace.

Funny story: It's not really funny, but it made me smile, and I hope you smile too. The other day Mom was driving me home from work, and I was listening to my voice mails. To my utter delight, my friend from my other church had called, and her kids were the ones to proclaim their love for me on the phone. As the 2 year old put it gleefully, "we wuv you!" My heart cockles were indeed warmed.

I can't remember the other thing, but I'll check and post it tomorrow. Now I must drive my father to the airport. He's off to the state next door for approximately 15 hours... woot.

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