Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Hey, readers, Now, this may sound a bit cheesy, or green, or earthy, or something weird, but it's not. This is a call up, a new perspective, a different way of looking at things.

I'll admit, I first heard this idea on the Disney channel, and I don't entirely agree with why they are doing what they're doing, but I do agree with the what, and I think that we Christian, Kingdom people can do something. Disney channel suggested that we focus on conserving water, just a drop at a time. They mentioned turning off the faucet while brushing our teeth or washing the dishes. Just by turning off the faucet for a few seconds will eventually add up to thousands of gallons of water saved.

Now I don't want to judge or condemn Disney by saying that they're doing something wrong, or their motives are all messed up, because I don't know that they are. And the thing is, they are doing something.

So I would like to challenge you, my readers, to save some water. But not for the express purpose of "saving the planet." Here's the thing: we own the planet! We were told to take dominion over it {check out the first few chapters of Genesis!}, but we are also told to steward it. I have to check myself sometimes, because I get so anti-tree-hugger that I think, augh! I'll just go use whatever I want, because it's mine anyway!

But that's not true. God has called us to rule and subdue, yes, and also to steward. That means multiply, and add to, not waste just because we've been given possession of it. I hope that this challenges you, readers, and gets you thinking about how you can be a better steward of the earth, not because the earth is fabulous {although I think it is}, but because God has given it to us to steward and take care of, and saving water when we brush our teeth is one way we can do that.

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