Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On my dresser, next to my mirror, I keep a vase with dried roses. There are some that are rubber-banded together because they came like that, and there are some that are individual roses. I have kept them because they each represent a special time, and because they are beautiful.

What is in us that desires beauty? Why do we yearn for something pretty? How come some things are not right until they have that "special something" that completely transforms that common item? I think it is the Lord's DNA in us. God is beautiful; He made [and makes!] beautiful things, and He has placed in us, His creation, the desire to create beauty also. We can't create something of His caliber, but with what He has given us, we do pretty well!

Because we are made like Him, we desire to see things that remind us of Him. Even when we're not conscious of it, our spirits desire beauty. The roses on my dresser reflect Father's heart. They are beautiful. This is why I keep them.

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