Monday, December 21, 2009

So I've been applying to a bunch of colleges this Christmas season, and I'm praying that God will lead me to just the right school...but I haven't been trusting Him to do so. I keep wanting Him to do things in my timing, my way, but that's not how God operates. He has perfect timing, not me, so I have to wait and rest in Him. He has the perfect school all picked out, with testimonies ready to abound as I apply and get in...I just don't know where it is yet!

My mom told me the other night that I have to worship my way through this. Yes, I can pray, but I can have a sucky attitude while I pray, so that doesn't really work. But it is impossible to have a bad attitude and remain mad at God while you worship Him. It can't be done. Try it, I dare you. Your attitude, your problems, your anger and frustration and desire to strangle some necks will all diminish as His Presence invades your heart and mind.

So that's where I'm at, readers. I'm choosing to worship as I trust and rest in Him. God SO has the better plan than me, so I just have to praise Him for that and keep believing Him.

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