Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've been thinking a lot about deafness again, and the main concept I keep coming back to is what do we as the hearing world know about not hearing? Think of all the things that make noise. Typing on this computers. Clothes rustling as my arms move. The bed creaking when you lie down. Shoes walking down a hallway. Doors opening and closing. Chairs and couches sighing as you seat yourself. Curtains humming as you pull them open or shut. Swallowing.

All these things and more make noise that we hearing people take for granted. In the book Deaf in America, the point is made that when a fork falls off the table, a hearing person would pick it up because they heard the fork fall. A deaf person would pick it up because they could no longer see it on the table. The deaf don't associate a noise with the action. What are your thoughts, readers?

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