Monday, April 7, 2014

Upcoming Visit

People, I've got news. My college roomie Catherine is coming up for a visit!! I called her on Saturday and determined that she is the coolest kid ever because she was willing to tolerate a sucky flight in order to make this trip happen. The best part is that the tickets were VERY well-priced...especially for a trip that's in less than 4 weeks! Eeeee!

roomies! with the young child we babysat behind us ;)

On the last day of the month, this dynamic duo is back in action! {Ok, it might take until the first of May, since Catherine gets in at 11pm on the 30th. Sleep is a priority, people.} Stay tuned for plots and schemes of the best kind. I'm really looking forward to showing Catherine around my native land {cue Washington State song} and perhaps even venturing upwards to Canada, as well as watching some Doctor Who {my roomie is cooler than your roomie!} and enjoying some margaritas. Don't say that 21-year-olds have all the fun.

Speaking of plotting and scheming, I need some advice. Out-of-towners, if you got to spend a few days in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, what spots are on your bucket list? Local readers, are there any non-tourist-y places that Catherine must see?

Also, I have great faith in the blogging community. If we all join together and pray for nice weather, I'm confident that Catherine will see some sunshine whilst she's here! Amen and amen.

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