Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finish This: Week Fourteen

It's time for Finish This! Linking up with Nicole at Three 31, Jen at The Arizona Russums, Becky at The Java Mama, and Lisa at Coastlined.

On Saturday, I usually sleep in, but still wake up in time for a morning Zumba class. Saturday is also laundry day, "The Office" day, and errands day.

I feel beautiful when I get to wear non-office clothing. It's not that my office-appropriate clothing are ugly; they're just a bunch of clothes that I cycle through, and so I get excited when I can wear something fun that isn't necessarily ok to wear to the office.

I wake up every morning hitting the snooze button and then fumbling for the Bible app on my phone. I like to listen to a chapter in the morning, if I'm coherent enough to push the right buttons. Right now my pastor is taking us through John, and I'm on my second time through this year.
Also, I'm with Jen - I wake up wishing that I had gone to bed earlier. I shoot for 10, knowing 10:30 is reasonable, but 11 has said hi a few times this week already.

A happy home has happy residents, and this resident likes a clean home! Dishes are a big deal to me; I don't like leaving dirty dishes tables or countertops. Also, I can't go to bed until the kitchen is reasonably clean - counters wiped off, dishes either loaded or soaking, food put away. The morning is so much smoother if the kitchen is clean from the night before. Plus, a happy home is a welcoming home, and I so much prefer to welcome guests into a clean home.

When I have down time, I clean my house {see above} and read. I've got 3 books that I'm currently in the midst of {plus the audio book in the car}, and I have a love/hate relationship with the pressure library due dates give me.

Thanks for joining! See ya next week...


  1. Yeah, being a night owl is bad news when I have to get up and pump at least once in the middle of the night and again in the early daylight hours, but it's totally worth knowing I'm providing for our son and his toothless grin in the mornings melt me! All of this talk this week about a clean house has got me feeling guilty. I've got to axe the family of dust bunnies in the corner of the living room. HAHAHA!!!!!!

  2. "I wake up wishing that I had gone to bed earlier." AMEN. But in the moment when it's late, I'm like "SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!" And of course I regret it in the morning. *sigh* Having to get up at 4:30am everyday over spring break definitely made me feel differently about this, and I'm still trying to figure out how people get to bed at a reasonable time. What time to you get up on a normal-ish day? Ultimately I'd like to be up at 6, but that would just be cray cray unless I went to bed early. Would love to hear more on this!!

  3. I am the same way as you with the kitchen. I will not go to bed happily until everything is picked up there and it drives me husband nuts. But it drives me nuts to leave it all like that - cause hello its so lovely to walk into a fresh kitchen each morning.

    1. That's it exactly, Angie! Clean house in the morning = cleanliness for the rest of the day :)