Thursday, April 17, 2014

Out of Practice

Oh, hi.... there's no prompt to follow... um, how do I do this again? I think I forgot how to blog.

Samara and I were talking blogs earlier, and she dubbed 2014 as "the year of the link-ups." I have been a little heavy on the link-ups, haven't I? Or rather, I've been light on the non-link-up posts. Sorry! I will do my best to remedy the situation... I think that 7QT will happen less frequently and Funny Fridays and IRL posts will happen more frequently. At least if I can remember how to think of posts without a prompt.

Alright, honesty is going to be my prompt. I don't think I've blogged very much "real" stuff lately because I've been comparing myself to other bloggers people and haven't felt like my thoughts are worth posting. Several creative pieces have come to me about not comparing myself, and while in some areas of life this isn't a struggle any more, there are still some areas where I have to keep fighting.

This blog is one of those areas.

My blog doesn't look like Samara's or Jen's or Dahlia's or Grace's or Laura's or Yvonne's. Our content is different. Our writing style is different. Our readers are different. Different is okay. I'm slooooowly learning this truth, and sloooooower than slow am learning how to live it.

So what if I don't have kids to share pictures of, or that I don't have book reviews of my favorite books, or that I bring up abortion in otherwise non-political prompts, or that I like linking up with bloggers from all over? So what if I listen to the "Man of Steel" soundtrack everyday for two weeks? So what if the only thing I blog about are stories of hiding from spiders or answering link prompts? So what if my process, both of blogging and living, is messy and awkward and still a process? Welcome to life!

The point is, this blog is full of the things that fill me. I can't write like anyone else because I am not anyone else. I am me, full of quirks and oddities and awesomeness.

Over and over and over the Lord has whispered to me, "You are enough." And I think I'm beginning to believe Him, on this blog and in life. I think my blogging is coming back. I'm back.


  1. Aw, Bek! Comparison is just the dumps. True story. I realized recently just how much I compare myself to other people and I am sick of it. I am never going to be as fit as so-and-so or good at doing something another person is because I am not them. I really appreciate your effort to write about your life, and really? Those posts are the best. I think your spider stories and things like that are the most fun to read because they give us a glimpse of who you really are. Looking forward to continuing to follow your blog :-)

  2. You're beautiful, Rebekah, and I love your real life posts (not to say your link-ups were bad, btw). Be you and you will get readers. :-)

  3. Your blog is lovely. And unbelievably funny. Just like you!

  4. Your blog design and content are wonderful! As my brother always says never let comparison (or the perfect) be the thief of joy!