Monday, July 1, 2013

My Steal of the Weekend, and Boys with Hair

Ok folks, I had one goal for this weekend: buy a bookshelf. My bestie and I are in the "accumulate piles and piles so we drive our mothers mad furniture" stage, and a bookshelf was the last big piece I needed. My plan was to go thrifting and see what I could find for my budget of $50. My hope was to find something of decent quality, nothing too fancy, but just something sturdy that wouldn't collapse after I put Team of Rivals on it {that book is heavy!}.

I called the local Goodwill to see what they had, and they informed me that they had one, count em ONE, bookshelf. Well, it wouldn't hurt to look. But before that, I decided to look on Craigslist. Sometimes there's crap, and sometimes it's gold but way outside my budget, but I thought that it couldn't hurt.

Lo and behold, I found a gorgeous bookshelf nearby for $40!! The challenge: picking it up. The guy needed it gone an hour ago, so I made some phone calls, but they were to no avail. U-haul was out {figures- it's the last weekend of the month} and all my friends with trucks were a ways away. So, I did the noble thing and called my mom. She gave me a few ideas, and when nothing came of those, I decided to comb my hair, go across the street, knock on a door, and ask my nice neighbor if he and his truck would drive me to pick up a bookshelf.

He said "sure."
I said "Praise be unto the Lord on high!!!"

So off we went, and this bookshelf is incredible. The guy must have taken down the listing; otherwise I would totes show you my new treasure right away. Patience, my young pad wan learners.

The thing was a beast to carry and move, but we got it loaded and unloaded and settled into my garage without a hitch. I was amazed. How awesome that God would look out for me like that, providing a quality bookshelf for exactly my budget: the guy sold the bookshelf for $40, and I gave my neighbor $10 for gas. Shut the front door. So when I eventually get the thing moved out of the garage, I will take pictures and show you all. Just wait for it :)

Oh, and guys with hair. The gals in Film Club were talking about boys {what else? JUST KIDDING!} and somehow C and I discovered that we both love Matthew Gray Gubler...

What's not to love!?

Anyway, it was revealed that I appreciate a bit longer hair in men...and here's the number one example:

Poor deceased Heath Ledger...may those locks live forever and ever, amen.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, I'm heading to Nicaragua this week for a mission and work trip. We'll be gone the 4th through the 15th, so no blogging. Pray for us, please! It will be hotter than blazes, we're rather a large group, and there are tons of logistics to take care of. Oh, and tons of pictures when we get back! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Can't wait to see pics! lol What a fun thrift find story :)

  2. So happy you get to go. It makes me miss you more!