Monday, July 29, 2013

Trying 7 Quick Takes

Ok, friends, this is something that I see on a lot of {Catholic} blogs... is this a Catholic thing or an East Coast thing or an experienced blogger thing or what? 7 Quick Takes is when you post about 7 things that you're thinking or seeing or whatever. It seems like it was invented by someone on a Monday, when there are tons of thoughts but no cohesive flow. I would be friends with this person.

Anyway, I'm going to try it, but I may or may not make it to seven things... consider yourself warned.

  1. Today is one of those hair days where I feel awesome and fresh and wild....and the mirror says, "HA! Good one!"
    Here I am, feeling like Hilary Duff as she rocks the windblown look...

    ...when in reality I look like a Barbie doll ten minutes after the toddler played with her...

    Yep. One of those days.
  2. There are some musical artists that you have to be in a certain mood to listen to, and then there are those gifted ones, the classic ones, that you can listen to anytime, all the time. Judge me {and guess my age} if you want, but I think dc Talk is one of the latter. Maybe I'm slightly biased because a) they were my first concert or b) they formed the year I was born {oops, there goes age!} or c) their albums helped me survive Dance Camp when I was 12 {darn, age again!}, but I think that dc Talk is a seriously talented group, and I always enjoy their music. There, I said it. Go ahead and judge.
  3. Ok, if you have not read my bestie's post about travelling, you need to. I'm proud and grateful to call Samara my long-time BFF, and you NEED to read her post, like, right now. Read it. Go. I've linked it like three times already.
  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments regarding my Nicaraguan adventure! I'm so glad that technology allows us to share these small pieces of travels and experiences. I should note, since a couple of you encouraged me that being with children is one of my strengths, that my struggle was not whether or not I was good at playing with the kids but if I was using that strength at an appropriate time. And my leaders encouraged me that I was, so I was totally free! Thank you for caring enough to say something, and thanks for encouraging me in this area! I'm feeling the love :)
  5. Speaking of Nicaragua, wanna see some progress??? I was thrilled when I saw this update. Here's the progression:
    Beginning: look behind the movers of rocks :)

                                       courtesy of Melissa


                        courtesy of Caleb G.

    When we left:

                                 courtesy of Levi

    Update from last week!!!! Isn't that amazing!?!?!

                                  courtesy of Jessica
  6. Because no post is complete until there is a reference to something that is British or Benedictine Benedict Cumberbatch...
    Yes. Just yes.
  7. Here is a recent decision I made... 6703. No, I'm not going to prison. No, it's not how many times I've watched "Return to Me." No, it's not the number of children I'm going to have. It's a color. I'm thinking Frolic-y thoughts...I'll fill you in tomorrow :)
What do you think of these 7 Quick Takes? Another round next Monday, or come up with something else? 

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  1. 3 quick responses:

    1. Your hair is better than Hilary Duff's.

    2. I also love dc Talk. They are always worth listening to.

    3. Frolic is a word I JUST read in a kids' book last night. You can consider that as confirmation of your decision!