Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting the New Year off right!

It’s Monday, and I’m blogging for the week! See, at least I can keep a resolution into the second day of the year.

Yesterday my sisters and I went to church (I LOVE WORSHIPPING AT HOME!!!!) and I realized that the next Sunday morning service I will attend at my lovely home church will be AS A COLLEGE GRADUATE. Yes, yes indeed. I fly back to school on Saturday, and the next time I’m home, I’ll be a grad. Holy. Shnikes. Batman.

Since my birthday is later this month as in after school has started, my family celebrated my birthday today. We the fam went to my favorite local fish and chips place and ate in the outside shelter where the birds fly around you and there are heaters on the ceiling. It was delectable. Then we wandered down to the store that has all the tourist-y items and “made here” paraphernalia, and we had a good time. Then my grandparents came over for dessert (cheesecake from Sam’s = YUM-O!) and my grandma gave me two pins and two memories.

My grandma is awesome. She is a prayer warrior on so many fronts, and she is forever a student, and she is great at making sure that pieces from her history and my grandpa’s history are passed down to her granddaughters. So several years ago, she started writing down memories for my sisters and me. These memories are usually of when we came over to her house or when she took us somewhere, and they are just short little stories of “when you were a little girl" so that when we are not little girls anymore, we will remember all the funny things we did. We get one at each Christmas and birthday, and sometimes in between, and now they are beginning to be accompanied by a picture. I treasure these, even as I laugh at the cheesiness, and I know that when my grandma is gone, I’ll value these memories written in her hand.

School starts tomorrow for two of my sisters, and what are they doing? Reading. Of course. We are a reading family. Both these sisters have read the Hunger Games (see my last post for more info), and I think one sis is re-reading them while the other reads something from The Complete Works of Jane Austen. Yeah. That’s how cool my sisters are. I love them.

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