Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something Fun to Counteract the Weather

As you can tell from the list down at the bottom of this page, I follow a TON of other blogs. They are all amazing. A lot of these ladies are full time wives and mommies, yet they still manage to have these incredibly creative and FUN blogs. I love reading them and getting ideas for when I enter that stage of life.

So anyways. One of the blogs, The Wiegand’s, is hosting a party with a couple other blogs. You can read about the party here and sign up by emailing Alycia {her address is in Casey’s post}. I signed up, and last weekend got an email back with my partner. And last night, I got an email from my partner!

Her name is Ashley and her blog is sunsetsandcitylights. She was super hardcore blogging for a while- every day for like 6 months! I was really impressed and told her so! :) So yeah. Sign up, or at least start anticipating the huge blog party on Jan 31st!


  1. This is really cool. I'm glad you're participating. :-)

  2. Yay! I'm glad we were partnered up!! I'm excited to read more of your blog, too!