Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break recap

So, wanna hear about Spring Break? I bet you do!

Friday, I went to my friend’s house and stayed with her fam. I love that family! The 3 kids are pretty much the most amazing things ever, and A and D are pretty cool themselves! On Saturday, A took me, her mom, her sis, and a family friend to “The Mad Potter,” this little place where you pick out a piece of pottery and then paint it yourself, and then they glaze and fire it and you pick it up in a week or so. It’s the second time that the 5 of us have been, and we LOVE it. I did a cute bowl with circles and stripes, and a surprise inside! I’ll post pictures as soon as I get it back {that IS assuming that I’m happy with it… painting is not my forte!}

Sunday was church. It was difficult in some ways, but it was really, really good. One of our gals is having some emotional trouble and she was away getting help, and her parents were at church and her dad led worship, and it was a really emotional, raw time. There wasn't a message, but I totally think we all gained something crucial and key during that time. It was really cool to see how God answers prayers, even in the midst of pain and confusion.

P.S. The gal is attending a 15-month long program a couple hours north, and her parents and our pastor believe that this is God, and so even though we’ll miss her, we know she’s where she’s supposed to be. We covet your prayers!

Sunday night, I got on an airplane and arrived at my grandparents’ house! Well, it wasn't quite that simple, but that’s the gist of it! And my mom was there, which was SO awesome. I think part of how I cope with being so far away from my family is NOT thinking about how far away I am, and so I had almost not realized how much I miss them, until I saw my mom! Then I realized how much I missed (and still miss) her, and I was SOOOOOOO glad to be with her!

Monday was shopping day, and it was fun. I got a SUPER cute dress for Easter…I’m really excited, and it was on sale!!!! I love shopping with Mom and Grammie!

Tuesday I woke up and felt sick…and I was!  Sad face… but it was kinda nice to just lie on the couch and doze… except that I wished I was out being with my family, but it was ok; it was just a one day thing.

Wednesday was more fun; Grammie and I went to see The King’s Speech. Oh. My. Word. It is amazing. Go see it. It’s the story of King George IV {known as “Bertie” to the family} and how he overcomes his speech impediment in order to deliver a war time speech when England declared war on Germany at the beginning of World War II. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are INCREDIBLE.
Note: the film is rated R because the only times Bertie doesn't stammer is when he’s yelling of cussing, and there’s one intense scene where he marches around the room using all sorts of “colorful” language. But the film is incredible. Go. See. It.

Thursday, Mom and Grammie and I went to this big bridge and walked across it in the wind. It was fun.
Friday, I came back to school. My friends and I were going to go contra-dancing, which is something that’s really hard to explain, but if you know what it is, you know it’s fun. The problem was, most people weren't back from break yet, so the only males there were either over 50 or under 18. Sad face. So my friends and I danced one dance in an hour, and then we left and came back to the dorm and watched a movie. It was fun.

Saturday was Homework-Be-Destroyed Day. It was successful. Smiley face. And it was Conquer-the-Laundry-Basket Day, which was also a success.

On Sunday, I went to church with some friends. It was a house-church, and it was the first one I ever attended. It was very fun. Everyone was very warm and welcoming, and I felt so at home. Afterwards, my friends and I went to Little Caesar’s and got a $5 pizza and went to a park and enjoyed pizza and sunshine. It was especially fun because two of these friends just got engaged to each other on Friday, so it was really fun to see them together and watch them admire the “sparkley!” Hehe!

Today, back to class. Bleh. BUT the good news is, there are 5 more Mondays, 6 more Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and FOUR more Fridays of classes… PRAISE JESUS!!!! Almost done…..

Well, that was break. Now I've got a handout to make and work to go to, and an Ale-8 to drink! Big grin!
Peace to the out!

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  1. Sounds splendid, Rebekah!
    I love hearing about your life.