Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Addicted? Probably!

Soooooooo I think I’m addicted to this new band Kye Kye. My BFF introduced me to them over Christmas break, and then a couple weeks ago she sent me two of their songs. I think I’m addicted, because I seriously can’t go more than like a day without listening to their songs multiple times. They have a Facebook page that you can access just by searching “Kye Kye.” {I wish I could include the link, but I think it’s different when you “like” it or not. But go “like” them!}

On another note, I get to see my mom in 4 days! It’s almost Spring Break here at school, and I am so grateful for a break! Honestly, I could probably plug away at stuff and get it done and be alive at the end of the semester, but it’s soooo nice to have a week to just sleep and see my mom and grandparents and catch up on stuff… actually, not that much needs catching up on. I need to work on my presentation about Jewish dancing {haven’t found many resources- any suggestions?}, and I’ll probably have my mom help me revise my research paper, but other than that, I don’t think I’ll have that much to do {knock on wood- it’s only Wednesday!}.

Anyway, I need to work on a project for my Marketing Research class. Oh, speaking of that class, my teacher gave me money to give to my mom after she buys and brings me some San Juan Island sea salt chocolate!!! Take a look here! I have the coolest teacher ever, and my sister has amazing taste in chocolate! Try some… it’s amazing. Thanks, sis!

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