Sunday, March 6, 2011

London Summer 2011!!!!!

Folks, I’m going to London… augh! I’m sooooo excited… I don’t remember if I already told you about it, but I think you should hear it again… I’M GOING TO LONDON!!!! And Scotland!!!! Sigh. Of. Happiness!

So I've already begun emailing a girl who’s going with the program, and we’ll meet in New York when we join the group flight to Heathrow {which, by the way, has many pleasant memories for me already}, and I’m excited to meet her.

The cool thing about the group flight is that you can indicate a different return date, and they’ll take care of it. So my friends and I {or I can go by myself!} can go gallivanting across the Island and know that we will have a flight home! Ah. I cannot wait!

Last night I got to talk to my youngest sister. She cracks me up! And we realized that I will be home for her Ambassadors’ Ball at school, which is awesome, because my sisters will be all dressed up and fancy, and I’ll get to help with at least one sister’s hair {she already asked me, oh sister-who-reads-blogs} and make-up and zip up spiffy dresses and take pictures. What’s really fun is now that my first sister is out of high school, we could go do something really fun by ourselves, which we haven’t done in a while since we haven’t lived together for almost 2 years. So I’m excited.

School will be done in less than 2 months! Augh! I’m actually feeling ok about it… two of the big projects will be done at the end of this month, which will be really nice to cross of my list. Actually, I just turned in the rough draft to my research paper today, and I’m going to work on the other project as soon as I’m done with this post.

This project isn't actually that big; it’s a short PowerPoint presentation, which I've already started, and then a 5 page paper about it. I plan on writing the paper first and then doing the PowerPoint, even though I've already started the PowerPoint. It’s more just a mental thing, you know, to have started something, even just a little bit, before you dive into the bulk of the work. It makes it seem like a little bit less work, which is nice.

The class is World Dance, and I’m researching and presenting on Jewish dance. It’s going to be really awesome, and I’m hoping to interview one of my Messianic Jewish friends about dances at weddings, since she got married last summer. Well, writing about this project makes me excited to work on it {hey, I should try this more often!} so off I go!

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