Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yesterday, I "met" my room-mate over the phone! It was so exciting! I think that we get along great... well, at least we had a great 23 minute conversation! :)

 Based on that 23 minute conversation, I think we compliment each other pretty well, and I'm so excited to meet her on Saturday, August 21st. That's when we'll see our room, too, so it will be a giant culmination of anticipation in one small room! I can't wait! We're both transfer students and both juniors. We both love Jesus. We were both homeschooled, and both of our jobs were taking care of children. Neither of us have lived terribly far from our families, so hopefully we'll be able to bawl our eyes out together and then cheer each other with laughing fits.

 On Facebook, we're asking each other questions back and forth so we can get to know each other a bit before we start school. I loved doing this a few years ago with some of my MC classmates, and even with one question asked and answered, I feel like I know my roomie a bit better. I'll keep you posted about this amazing transition time.

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