Monday, August 3, 2009

Definitely some more thoughts...

There's this new movie coming out called Julia and Julie, and basically the modern lady has a blog and it turns into a book. So I've been thinking, what if my blog did that? What would it take to make my personal thoughts into a book? What would I even write about?! So this is my new goal. Not to publish these simple thoughts, but to write more frequently. Because it seems that one of the main things Julie did was write every day, or close to every day. So I'm going to write more.

That being said, a goal is not a promise! There are things that come up, but at the same time, if Winston Churchill could write 1000 words every day, and he was also leading a country that was at war, I think I can write at least a few paragraphs several times a week. My only hesitation is this: what will I write about? Fiction? My experiences? History? Dreams? Essays? Novels?

I think what I will do is set on "paper" those arguments that I wish everyone could know and understand, because with understanding, the world will change. And I am, after all, a world changer and a history maker. First things first. One of the most important topics of our world today is abortion. Stay with me! I'm not going to get all political and start arguing semantics and actions and all that. I want to focus on the facts of a pregnancy, because if people knew what was really inside a woman's body, things would be a lot different.

Let me start by saying that one of the main arguments abortionists make is that the unborn baby is not a person. I will argue against that. There are only 4 differences between an unborn baby and a born baby. These differences are size, level of development, environment, and dependency.

Today I will discuss size. Size refers to the obvious: how big is the baby? Abortionists argue that because an unborn child is smaller, it is not a person. Let me apply that argument to some well known people. Andre the Giant is a bigger person than the Munchkins; does that make him more of a person than them? My dad is taller and heavier than I am; is he more of a person than I am? Obviously not, so person-hood is not dependent on size. Tomorrow I will talk about the level of development argument. I hope you enjoy!

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