Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finish This: Week Fifty

Ohhhh my gosh, people. Two weeks left of 2014. Gulp. Ca-razy!

Counting down the weeks means linking up with our fab hostesses: Jen at The Arizona Russums, Becky at The Java Mama, Lisa at Coastlined, and Nicole at Three 31 - happy birthday, Nicole!

{Hey, with the New Year approaching, I'm joining these awesome bloggers in posting a Year in Review post! This is the mother of all Finish This posts, and I've been prepping for weeks. If you want to join the fun on December 31st, let me know or email Nicole, and we will hook you up!}

Getting older is fantastic. More and more often I find myself thinking, "It's great being an adult!" I am a quarter of a century old, and I think that each year is going to increase in both challenges and triumphs. That's my hope, anyway.

My best kept secret should probably not be published on the internet. Sorry Charlie.
I will follow Nicole's recommendation and share instead 2 "secrets" to my life success. 1) Always wear deodorant. 2) Pick a recipe, master it, make it your signature dish, and laugh away the applause.

My guilty pleasure is reading birth stories. Grace at Camp Patton has theeeee best birth story link-up everrrr and whenever I've got some time {or even when I don't!}, I slink over and find new stories to read. Yes please thank you kindly please here's to you.

My favorite place in the world is wherever my family is all together. Usually that means my parents' kitchen table, and now sometimes it means my living room. In a couple of weeks, it's going to mean an airplane on its way to Omaha - yay for family travels!

There you have it! Next week is all Christmas prompts because Christmas Eve is next Wednesday. Holy Moses. Come join the fun!


  1. Oh! I'll have to go get my birth junkie fix there! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. There are literally hundreds of stories there... heaven!! :D

  3. I agree with loving to read birth stories. I still can't believe I am now a part of them and get to see them unfold before my eyes.

  4. Aren't they the best!?! I can't get enough. EEEE! Your job makes me so happy and excited to start doula-ing! :D