Thursday, March 7, 2013


My BFF just posted her amazing and brilliant thoughts. Read her and then check out my response. This started as a comment, and then I realized that I was finally articulate what I was trying to say in the second half of this previous post, so please enjoy my fuller articulation here.

My thoughts tend towards "what am i actually accomplishing with my life? why am i going work doing something that i'm not very passionate about when i could be, oh i don't know, living in Africa feeding children, or volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, or building relationships with people. "Work" seems so pointless when it just involves email!

But then I realize, this is why I'm in Business Leadership School right now- work has eternal value, God is a worker, and THIS place is my ministry! It doesn't feel like it right now when I have one co-worker who is a strong Christian, but it is, and it will be, and i know that God has great plans for me and they start HERE, in the office, in my inbox, in my heart.

I realized that there is was dualism in my heart, that I was separating in my mind the work done in a business and the work done blatantly and openly as a ministry. WRONG! God's ministry is wherever He has placed you, and how stupid of me for not recognizing my own feelings of frustrations and applying the teachings that I'm hearing. Duh, Bek!

So there. I think that I've said enough. What do you say?


  1. I love you :)

    Thanks for your response!

  2. That sounds wonderful!! Thanks for the encouragement :)
    We are all called to different "mission fields." :)

  3. i agree wholeheartedly. i think it's even HARDER in many ways to proclaim the gospel here in America where people's hearts are hard and they don't think they need God. But trials hit people everywhere, even here...and that is when maybe they are more receptive to hear us! But yes, we must bloom wherever we are planted. And I know a lot of people who work normal day jobs here in America and then go overseas to help with their water projects. It is possible to do missions HERE and THERE(Africa).

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Davi! It is hard here where we have so much and we don't see our need for a Savior, but that's the beauty of the office as a mission field- they're not expecting it! :) And besides, someone's got to fund those missionaries in Africa! :)