Saturday, March 24, 2012

Meet my friend Dahlia!!!

 My real-life friend Dahlia and I decided to “interview” each other over our blogs. We each came up with 5 questions {hers are indicated with a D and mine are with a B}, and you get to read her answers here and my answers over at her blog! Oh, and we wrote an introduction for each other and we both approve, and we both are really excited for this!

Dahlia is a dear, dear "real-life" friend of mine. We have known each other for the past almost-5 years, and she is an amazing woman! She encourages and uplifts me every time we talk. Dahlia is about to start student teaching, and we're both going to graduate in just a few short months. Dahlia is a true gem, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I enjoy knowing her. You can check out her blog here.

1D. Why should anyone read this blog post?
It will only take a couple of minutes, and you might get a mongo revelation in the process. :)
1B. Why blog?
Great question!
I started to blog so I could reflect on experiences that I wouldn't necessarily journal about [particularly teaching-related stuff]. And I figured - hey, it's also a great way to let far-away-friends-and-family in on tidbits of my life. Oh, and another reason: I like to communicate through writing, so this is a way to do that.

2D. What's an issue you're passionate about?
Women! - living true to our identities, knowing we are female for a reason, seeking to complement [not compete with] the opposite sex.
2B. What is your favorite thing about keeping a blog?
I love comments, and I love reading blogs of people I know - not a fan yet of reading strangers' blogs. Makes me feel too much like an outsider [or intruder?]

3D. What could we use less of in the world?
Worship of sex in the culture, fruit flies [they're all OVER my house this time of year], government-run slash government-mandated programs, sarcasm, shallow conversation, and TV!
3B. What are (were) some of your New Year's Resolutions?
Well, you caught me there. I didn't make any. Scratch that -- I do have one: reading the Bible daily [which is made so easy through my handy-dandy Daily Bible, 365 readings in chronological order]! But some big words for me this year have been "consecration" and increased relationship with my parents and with the Lord.

4D. What do you see that is right and good in the world?
Ah! The sun shining over the mountains, coffee dates, worldwide action against the injustice of human trafficking, and pockets of the world where the people, families, and communities are kind, welcoming, generous, and loving.
4B. In your almost-four years of college, what has been the best thing and the most challenging thing?
The best thing has been the relationships formed and my personal growth. I have matured much since four years ago! The most challenging has been punctuality for me, which is related to time management.

5D. What is your dream [but totally feasible and foreseeable] vacation?
Okay, there are a few. Are you ready?
1. Prince Edward Island with Bek! [Summer 2013, maybe?]
2. East coast with my bro! [Possibly also summer 2013]
3. Mexico for an extended period of time, to refine my Spanish.
5B. What are some of your nicknames [if you're feeling free enough to share, haha]
The longest-standing nickname is definitely Ebony, from my Grandpa [since my sister's name is Ivory - and, yes, he would sing the song!]
Then, there's Dolly, from my oldest brother, uncle, and high school soccer coach
Finally, there's Dahls, from my MC class
None are embarrassing!
And there you have it, folks! Hope you've enjoyed getting to know Dahlia. If you have any other questions for either of us, please ask us in the comments. :)


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