Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kicking that Bucket List

Over Spring Break, my bucket list took a beating. Within 2 days, I accomplished 2 items on that list. What now. I’m closer to a happy death…wow, that’s morbid. Must be the B.enadryl-like meds I took last night. Anyway. What did I accomplish, you ask?

I FINISHED LES MISERABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heck to the yeah!!!!!!  1,465 pages done and done. I was crying on the plane and everything! It was actually quite funny. I’m sitting in my window seat reading, wiping my eyes, sniffing, pausing to blink back a full-on dumping of tears, and I finally finish the book and sit there and bask in its wonderful glow, and then I put the book away, still sniffing a bit. The lady next to me has had her headphones in the whole time, and I didn't even say, excuse me, I need to go blow my nose. She just got up and I was like, oh, ok, I’ll go blow my nose so you don’t have to listen to me sniffle during our final descent. Poor lady. She should invest in those headphones that feel like they’re sucking your inner ear into your outer ear. Those babies don’t let you hear anyone sniffle.

Moving on.

On Saturday, a bunch of friends got together and went to someone’s grandparents’ field and we shot guns. Oh yeahhhh. I've officially shot guns now, and I must say, now I know how people get addicted. It was crazy fun! Loud, yes; thrilling, absolutely. Would I do it again? Probably.

My friend also had a really nice camera and he let me “play” with it, so I got to shoot other people shooting. Ha. But seriously, this camera was super fun to use, and gun pictures just turn out better anyway.

Well, there ya go. I’m going to go take a test now- wish me luck. It’s the beast-class… I appreciate your prayers!

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