Tuesday, March 6, 2012

60 days! and other musings

First of all, here’s another shout out to the sis that reads this blog. I miss you a ton, and will see you here in 65 days! Can’t wait to introduce you to my home-away-from-home, and to hear in person all that God has been doing in your life. Can’t wait, sister-friend! {name the movie that phrase is from}


Thirdly, today was marvelous. :) My college is random and makes up its own holidays, such as today. This holiday is “Learning, Labor, and Exploration Day",” or otherwise shortened to Labor Day {not to be confused with the country’s Labor Day that my school does not celebrate…lol}. There are no classes on Labor Day, and only essential labor has to work {like the gym, cafeteria, library, etc}. The sun was shining today, and I wore a sundress for the first time in 2012. Praise Jesus!

In the morning, I met a friend and we did the 100 workout. Oh yeah. As my friend and I encourage each other, “burn the butter!”

After this lovely workout regime, I headed to my little students’ advising meeting {little students is a term of endearment, as is “cute little freshmen!”}. They’re all doing well, I think {most I haven't seen since last semester} and it was good to catch up a bit with them.

Lunch was in the gym {way to celebrate, I know} and it was fun to walk around afterwards and see the various booths with some friends. Then I headed to the local coffee shop to attempt to work on a paper with my roomie, but we both ended up just sipping our drinks outside and enjoying the sunshine for a bit. When we had soaked up our daily dose of Vitamin D, we went back to our room and worked {with the window open} and actually accomplished a lot. Yay, us!

This week has been fabulous. The weekend was amazing. Tomorrow is going to be wonderful. This weekend is going to be incredible {I get to see my mom!!!!!!!!}. My level of trust in the Lord has grown to new levels, and this is only the beginning of the “growth spurt” if you will. Jesus is so, so faithful to draw me into Himself, even {and especially} when I’m not drawing into Him. His love is so extravagant and His mercies really are new every single day. I can’t believe it; He blows my mind every day. Gah. I love Jesus!
My friends, we serve an amazing God. We are so loved. This song sums up my response {note- I’m a fan of the song only; the images I think are also meant to inspire praise, but I haven’t watched it and I hope the first clip doesn’t freak out any vegetarian readers I might have}. :)

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