Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Depending on your perspective…

There are only 5 weeks left of classes! Praise Jesus! This means that it’s really crunch time, and I’m working all the time on project after project. Sorry, blog world, that means that you get a bit neglected. So sad. But I promise that Christmas break will more than make up for it!

I met with my academic adviser for the last time today. Sad! I will be registering for my last college courses next Monday. Holy nut-lugs, Batman! I graduate in like 6 months. Augh!

My adviser is great, though, and she kindly offered to write me a letter of recommendation for either grad school or a job. I thought that was very sweet of her. And she told me she thought I was gutsy, because I moved across the country to attend a school I was unfamiliar with, and here I am graduating in 2 years! God is so good. :)

Anyway, that’s the brief update on life. Pray for me, please, dear readers, that I do the crunching during crunch time and that I don’t get crunched!

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