Friday, July 22, 2011

I <3 Home

I LOVE MY CITY! Ahhh…. I’m in the middle of downtown right now, and until just a few minutes ago, there was a guy playing the keyboard and singing on the corner nearby. The sunset is beautiful, the street lights are glowing, and the water is just a few blocks away…what else do you need?

So remember the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? Great movie… really cute. Well, I totally feel like Beks (and not JUST because of the name!) because I’m working with this cute British guy named Luke (“Fluke” ;) ) and his uncle owns the company yet he just works as a grunt, and this is definitely not the career choice I have in mind, but it’s kinda turning out to be fun. Anyway. Just thought I’d let you in on the funny thoughts floating around my head. Don’t worry. He has a girlfriend back in England, so no worries there. But if I find out she has super long legs, I might just die of laughter.

P.S. His accent is so nice to listen to, even if it’s just about computer stuff!

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