Saturday, December 11, 2010

My, My, Time Flies!

How on earth is the 12th of December!?!?!??!?!?

It seriously feels like this year has FLOWN by… honestly! When I consider all the big things that have happened this year, and everything that has changed since this time last year, I am stunned. Let’s recap:

In January, I turned 21.

In February, I applied to my first, second, and third choice colleges.

In March, I found out that I got into my first choice college.

In April, I was hit by a car.

In May, I visited my first choice college, and then decided that my parents and I were hearing God and that I was moving 2,000+ miles away.

In June, I worked my last day at my job with kids.

In July, I went to Washington D.C. and Seattle to work 2 Microsoft conferences.

In August, I said goodbye to my family and friends, and started my junior year of college.

In September, I got to see my dad!!!!

In October, I went to my friend’s home for her nephew’s birthday.

In November, I began my countdown to go home, and here we are in December!

I take a final and turn in my final draft of my research paper, and I get on a plane and go home! 4 months went by so fast; this whole year zoomed by!

This time last year, I was praying about applying to colleges. Christmas morning, 2009, I opened up a Matchbox airplane representing the visit my dad and I would take if I got accepted to my first choice school. That trip was in May.

In August, 2009, I was running around Family Camp, teasing my friends about being the Night Watchmen, and realizing that if my friend got his wish, he wouldn't be at Family Camp 2010. The ironic part was that he was at FC 2010, but I wasn't, because I was flying across the country to start school the next week.

4 months ago, I knew almost no one in this new state, in this new school. Now I have so many deep relationships, and I won’t see them for almost another month! I can’t believe how God has blessed me… He’s given me friends, families, and a fridge for my dorm room! God, You are so good, and I am ever grateful.

How has your year been? :)

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