Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost the Last Day of 2010

I’M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve- where did that come from!?!?!??!??! I was totally just deciding where to go to college like last week! What the heck!? This year has FLOWN by, and if you want a refresher on what each month held for me, read my earlier post.

This break has been a bit challenging, but so much fun. I've been challenged in relating to my sisters, but after a few good, long, intense conversations with them and our parents, I think that we can really bond and appreciate each other. It’s also been challenging to get to spend quality time with my many amazing friends. I want to be a part of the group again, and at the same time, I love the intimate conversations that come from one-on-one times. So far I think that I've been able to maintain a good balance, and as soon as one friend returns from visiting her sister, I think that I will have hung out with everyone at least once.

God and I are getting really close… I should rephrase that and say that I am drawing near to God, and He is keeping His promise and drawing near to me, too. I love how faithful He is- no matter how far I stray, or how long it’s been, He always tells me that He loves me. Ahhh!!!!

Speaking of God being awesome, my family is so blessed by Him! I can’t even describe it, but basically we will look back at this year and say, wow, God, thank You! When my parents got married, they received a prophetic word that their life testimony would be “God did it.” This year’s testimony is exactly that!

Eventually I’ll have the time and freedom to write out all the things that God has done, but for now, just rejoice with me and praise the Lord!

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