Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello, readers! My, it has been a long time! School has definitely been keeping me busy, but I'm back!

I've been reading John C. Maxwell's "Developing the Leader Within You." Some of his principles are amazing, and they're simple! Please allow me to share with you some of my favorites. [This first one is Maxwell's paraphrase of Norman Vincent Peale, just for copyright's sake.] "...positive thinking is how you think about a problem. Enthusiasm is how you feel about a problem. The two together determine what you do about a problem." [page 84]

"A great philosopher once commented that an eagle's only obstacle to overcome for flying with greater speed and ease was the air. Yet, if the air were withdrawn, and the proud bird to fly in a vacuum, it would fall instantly to the ground, unable to fly at all. The very element that offers resistance to flying is at the same time the condition for flight. The main obstacle a powerboat has to overcome is the water against the propeller, yet, if it were not for this same resistance, the boat would not move at all. A life free of all obstacles and difficulties would reduce all possibilities and powers to zero. Eliminate problems and life loses its creative potential." [pages 77-78]

I'll keep you informed of more great leadership principles as I continue reading. I hope these inspire you!

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