Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello again, dear readers. As I've caught up on all of your blogs, I realized that my blog is missing something very crucial and life-giving: poetry.

I've written poems; I keep a journal of sorts specifically for poems. But what good are they in a book if no one but their author gets to read them? So I'm going to post some of my poems. I've tried to record the date they were each written, and I'll do my best to remember to include that when I post them.

Oh, and there's one really cool story [If I do say so myself!] that I will might be a while, since I'll have to dig it out of one of my old journals, but I will definitely post it soon! So enjoy, and comment as you are led.

A Poem for God by His favorite daughter {written February 24th, 2008}

The Father is good; He's great all alone.
But that's not what He wants; He wants to share His throne
So He created a daughter just for His heart
But she ran away, breaking Him.
She put sin in between them, forcing them apart.
Her sin was painful, even for Him, Because He loved her so much,
and He went to rescue her, and went out on a limb.
He sent His Son to die for this girl, His girl,
And pay for her sins so she wouldn't have to.
He brought her back and then gave her a pearl.
He said, "You are mine, and that is for always."
She couldn't believe that He'd want her back.
But He did, and she decided to worship for the rest of her days.
So now this Father and daughter live happily, walking together side by side,
and I'm happy too, because this daughter is me.

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