Friday, September 4, 2009

Thorns & Changes

Hello, dear readers, I address you tonight on a more solemn note. My mind has been filled recently with some deeper broodings, and I ask you to bear with me.

I pulled some sticker bushes today, and my arms and legs got cut up. As I grimace at my discomfort, I think of Another One whose cuts made Him unrecognizable as a human, and I am thankful.

A single mom was blessed by housework today, and I ashamedly admit that I begrudged her, momentarily. Then I realized that she was truly grateful, and that it was the least that could be done, and I changed my begrudging into gratefulness for my parents.

My sister and I argued tonight...and then I realized, after watching The Soloist, that I know where my sister is, that she is still alive and well, and that not everybody goes to bed with that priviledge. I am thankful for my family.

As I took a warm shower and wrapped up in clean towels, I considered those who have not showered in weeks, even months. And what of those who do not live within 50 miles of running water? Or those who risk their lives to disease with every contaminated sip?

 As you can tell, readers, I am immensely blessed. I have my family, a comfortable house, and now I have a changed perspective.

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  1. This is powerful! love it! We all need to have this perspective!