Friday, April 24, 2015

Not Alone Series: Friendship {freebie!}

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"I'm so grateful for you two!" was a frequent refrain last weekend as my two best friends and I played by the sea. I love that my friends and I are able to express gratitude for each other to each other. We all live at least an hour from each other, but through group texts and phone calls and weekend getaways, we are able to stay connected, and I think through our physical separation, we are more aware of and grateful for our close friendship. {To read and see the highlights of our weekend, check out Samara's great post!}

In 8 days, I'll be back in the Bluegrass State with my bosom friend and the rest of the family in my Other Home. My friendship with AJ is another sweet, sweet gift. She and I text regularly and talk as often as the three-hour time difference allows. One of the best part of our relationship is that we tell each other that we're thinking of each other, missing the other, and grateful for our friendship - I love that!

Another grand adventure is about to start next month - my sister is moving in with me! I am beyond thrilled that the sister with whom I begrudgingly shared a room through our childhood and adolescence is now {voluntarily!} moving into a grown-up living situation with me. There is a point in time where you begin to hang out with your siblings because you enjoy their company, not just because they live with you, and then there's a point where you want to hang out with your siblings while not living with them, and now we are at the point where we want to hang out AND live together. Grown-up sibling relationships are so wonderful.

NAS Community, you add joy and color and encouragement to my day, and I'm glad that we are virtual friends. I'm grateful for you!


  1. Andrea Humble RakeApril 25, 2015 at 9:12 PM

    7 days. Can't wait. Grateful for you! 😘

  2. And counting! So excited, and so grateful for you!!!

  3. My siblings are much younger than me, so we don't always get along well. I'm also the awkwardly religious person in the family, so I stick out. I pray for them all the time, though, and I hope that we can be friends as we all grow up.

  4. Oh, Lindsay, that can be rough :/ Prayers for them will bear fruit, though, and eventually they will be grateful for you and the years you tolerated their lameness :)