Friday, August 1, 2014

Welcome, August

This week has been a bit off. Ye olde blog has been slightly neglected while I was in alllllll daaaaaay looooooonnggg meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, and we are lucky to have "finished this" on Thursday. I'm usually a pretty positive person, so I feel weird blogging when I don't have anything happy to say. When life hands me lemons, I tend to withdraw from the blogosphere.

At the beginning of July, I told you how difficult the month of June was for me. July felt ten times harder. The highs were higher and the lows were lower, and some situations were both at the same time. Ugh, July, you were really rough!

So I'm ready for August. I'm ready for a settling into whatever new season is coming next {I know the next season is Autumn; I was being metaphorical and spiritual and stuff}. I'm ready for change and adjustments and something different. 

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  1. Eee! So excited for you. Adventure is out there! May the past be left behind as you look forward to whatever lies ahead :-)