Friday, April 26, 2013

Funny Friday: Blurb Edition

Here are just a couple funny things that have happened. This could also be called "Dad Edition" because both of these happened with Pops. And without further ado, here we go.

Story Number One:
Dad and I went to the jewelry story last night to finally sort out the problems with my birthday ring. The lady was showing me around, and there were a few that had very pretty engraving on the sides, or profile, rather, and so I was admiring them. I asked to see one in particular, since I was looking down at it. The lady handed it to me and I admired it, then turned it so I was looking down at the table through the circle {I hope that makes sense!} and lo and behold, in the profile of the ring the word "Mom" was engraved! I said, "Um, this one says "mom"...I don't need that yet!" And the lady laughed and said, "You know, let's not surprise Dad with that, shall we?"

Story Number Two:
Mom and Dad and I were on our way home from the bank. It's in a busy mall area, with lots of busses and pedestrians and apartments. Dad glances out the window and says, "Phew!"
Mom and I asked him what that was all about.
Dad said, "I saw a lady pushing her kid in a stroller and thought, geeze, that's an ugly kid! It looks like a monkey! And then I realized the kid was wearing a monkey hat."

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  1. I laughed when I read the second one about the monkey. Made me think of your neighbor Chunky Monkey.